You can eat Maize as a seasonal crop. Maize is usually eaten roasted or stemmed. So you don’t have to worry about gaining weight even if you eat it every day. If you want, you can also grill the maize in the microwave oven. You can eat maize and tea to spend time indoors or outdoors in monsoon. Tea can be made with Maize .Maize is rich in fiber which relieves constipation and aids in digestion. Maize is rich in iron and vitamin B12 which helps in the formation of new blood cells. It removes anemia.

One cup of Maize contains 29 grams of sugar. Maize is beneficial for athletes. Corn should be eaten a few hours before the start of exercise.  Maize helps to remove the bad cholesterol in the body called LDL.Improves vision: The yellow kernels of Maize contain carotenoids. Vitamin A in Maize also helps in sharpening eyesight.

Please find the below disease & precaution:

Ear Rot Disease of Maize (Diplodia maydis & other fungi)

Mocha and grain rot diseases are more common if the rainfall is high from the time of emergence of Mocha on the corn plant to the maturity of the Maize. Affected pods are discolored, malnourished and shriveled.

Integrated Suppression Management:

Cut the corn as soon as it is ripe. Collect and burn the abandoned parts after harvesting.    Protecting maize from insect and bird infestation in the field.

Cultivation of maize in succession rather than repeated cultivation of the same land.

  Stem Rot Disease of Maize (Diplodia maydis & Fusarium moniliforme)

The stem of the tree rots and the tree falls to the ground.    In our country, this disease is more common in Kharif season.    If nitrogen fertilizer is more and potash fertilizer is less in the land, this disease is more.Integrated Suppression Management:     Pre-sowing seed treatment ie 3 g Provex or Vitatex or 2 g Bavistin/kg seed.    Use balanced fertilizers.    After cutting the bhutra, burning the abandoned part.    If the infestation is heavy, use an approved fungicide ie propiconazole (Tilt 250 EC) at 1 ml per liter of water.

Brown Leaf Spot of Italian Millet (Bipolaris nodulosus)

Long gray spots appear on the lower leaves of the plant.    It gradually spreads to the upper leaves.    Later those spots merge and spoil all the leaves Integrated Suppression Management:     Use resistant varieties.    Infected trees, fallen leaves should be collected and burnt.    Propiconazole (Tilt 250 EC) mixed with 1 ml/liter of water is sprayed on the affected fields.

Seed Rot & Seedling Blight of Maize (Pythium spp.)

It is a seed borne and soil borne disease.

Maize seed is attacked by pathogens after sowing. If the attack is heavy, the shoots die and the seeds rot.

Integrated Suppression Management:Use healthy and disease free seeds. No excess of sap in the soil. Sow the seeds in the mature juice state.Pre-sowing seed treatment ie 3 g Provex or Vitatex 200 or Vitaflo or 2 g Bavistin/kg seed.


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